Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Countdown to Nominations

In two days, nominations will open for another round of the Sunflower Awards. We encourage you to send us your favorite well-written and unknown fics. The Sunflower staff is excited to see what you have for us.

There are a few new rules added to the Rules page. The administrators felt it was necessary to assure that only unknown and under appreciated stories and authors were eligible for nominations. Our goal has always been to put the spotlight on the authors and stories that have gone unnoticed, and we hope now we can achieve our original intent.

On the Categories and Nomination pages, we decided to change a few things, as well. The missing categories are the ones we felt were hard to validate, so they were removed. In their place, Best Wolf Story has been added after we realized a huge part of Twilight Fanfiction had been unintentionally shunned. We apologize to all the wolf-lovers out there for our misstep. We are eager to see your nominations for that particular category.

A limit of 25 stories per category has been put in place, due to the overwhelming response we received last time. We hope it will encourage you to nominate in all categories and not just a few. Also, we encourage non canon and canon pairings.

Nominations will open on January 6th and will run until January 20th. You can vote for your favorite stories from January 29th to February 19th. All winners will be announced on February 26th via Twitter, with all winners posted on the Winners page on this blog immediately after the reveal.

All winners will receive a banner depicting them as the winner of their category by @d_inspiration. The top two winners in the Sunflower Award and Sunflower Storyteller Award categories will also receive a review written by @shelikethesound to be featured on this blog in March.

Also, please welcome our and old. Our validation team is teamswitzerlandmom, @flawedangelxx, @sellabellar, @divyvicki, and @kbdragonfly. Our team of judges are @credoroza, @lizzylillyrose, and @DoobaWrites. And last, but certainly not least, our administrators are @d_inspiration, @sherriola, and @shelikethesound. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact the administration staff at We can also be reached individually on Twitter or under the @SunflowerAwards account.

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