Thursday, July 2, 2009


*Only 25 nominations per category.

The Sunflower Award

 1. Avalanche by Rose Masen Cullen
 2. Set Fire to the Rain by SunshineGal3
 3. Ruins at Dusk by Kyilliki
 4. A Hope Renewed by Hopesparkles
 5. Skim the Surface by Buff82
 6. Enchantment by pixie-belle88
 7. Amaranth by Dreamingpoet1988
 8. Letting Down the Walls by Edward's my obsession1971
 9. Prelude in C by AllTheOtherNamesAreUsed
10. Hands Open by Nikkita2009
11. If Looks Could Kill by Rob's hand monkey
12. Bella Swan:  The Unwanted Bride by tumblin' di
13. Burn by Lonely Housewife Confessions
14. Alliance by Athousandmore
15. Beautifully Broken by Vampgirl79
16. Changed by Yulliah
17. La Bella Addormentata by einfach_mich
18. Cocktails at Eclipse by twilightladies
19. Fritzing Filter by angelisis7
20. You're the Reason I Come Home by Scarlet Isabella
21. Duet by evilnat
22. Taking Care of the Baby by lel2768
23. Lost and Found by Brianna McBride
24. Antiques Roadshow by aerobee82
25. Crown Games by Andrew'sAmy

The Sunflower Storyteller Award

  2. Kyilliki
  3. harperpitt
Best Edward

 2. Always by sue273
Best Bella

Best Jasper

Best Alice

Best Emmett

Best Rosalie

Best Carlisle

Best Esme

Best Charlie

Best Jacob

Best Other Character

 1. Mr. Banner in Alive Inside by DontLetAshFall
 2. Mary Claire (MC) in Endings & Beginnings by JadedLadies
 3. Maggie in A Beautiful Mess by Livie79

Best Angst Story

Best Romance Story

Best Humor Story

Best Vampire Story

Best All Human Story

Best Wolf Story

Best Fluff Story

Best Lemony Story

Best Drama Story

Best Slash Story

Best Quote


"You really think that's a good idea, B? What if you get the munchies?" Emmett received a very nasty glare in response and my new friend, Jake, became a permanent member of the Cullen clan.

"It won't go down if you keep staring at it"

Best Title

Best One Shot

 1. The Last Full Measure of Devotion by hopeforastalemate
 2. Game Night by wildbee
 3. Heartbreak by JuleWhatev
 4. Woodsmoke and Cinnamon by glitteratiglue
 5. A Love Times Seventeen and a Half by Bbebar
 6. The Time Traveller's Husband by sue273
 7. I'm not ok by Mrsbeas
 8. The Carnival by KellanCougar
 9. Once Again by Techie.freq
10. Are you gonna kiss me or not? by ImHereToReview
11. Icarus Falling by tobeimmortal
12. Duties of a Sister by unfamiliar faces
13. Happy Birthday, Jasper by sue273
14. A Few Little Words by Molly Mary Pinky
15. Happy Anniversary, Jasper by sue273
16. Baker's Delight by WiddleWombat
17. And Tenement Halls by Nayarit
18. My Forever by prettyflour
19. The Thought That Counts by RaindropSoup
20. Cirque by maryhell
21. Chains by kirsteennn
22. Broken Glass by itlnbrt
23. Singing in the Dead of Night by April Rane

Best Banner


Banner by General-of-Fanfiction


    Banner by beautifullliar

Banner by Mina Rivera

Banner by Mackenzie L. 

Banner by Surething302

Banner by Christag Banners

Banner by KM525

Banner by TwistedIn_

Banner by WhiteWolfLegend


Greed by lel2768
Banner by FrozenSoldier

Banner by RtisticWhore

Banner by Tkegl

Banner by WhiteWolfLegend

Banner by Raum

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