Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Summer 2011 Winners

Best Edward

Best Bella

Best Jasper

Best Alice

Best Emmett

Best Rosalie

Best Carlisle

Best Esme

Best Charlie

Best Other Character

Alec Ryan Masen in This Life by CaraNo

Best Angst Story

Best Romance Story

Best Humor Story

Best Vampire Story

Best All-Human Story

Best Fluff Story

Best Lemon Pie Story

Best Drama Story

Best Slash Story

Best One Shot

Best Quote

"Take cover! Batten down the hatches! Hot Puss has escaped and all hell is about to break loose! Run for your lives!  Every peen for himself!" Chapter 5

Master of Lemons

Best Title

Best Reviewer

Best Beta

Best Disclaimer

Best Banner

The Sunflower Award

The Sunflower Storyteller Award